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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Some things Psychology students want you to know.

I've just finished my first undergraduate degree. I will have a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences under my belt, with many more years of study to go. However, one thing I have learnt while studying, and also working in retail, is that many people have a lot of preconceptions and stereotypes about what it's like to study psychology.

So hear is a list of things that have come up when I talk to others about what I'm studying at uni.

  1. "Can you read my mind?" ... No. I can't. Repeat, I can not read your mind. Just because I know a little bit about how the brain works, and understand some human behaviour, does not mean I can automatically see into your brain, and understand exactly how it works. Even the most highly trained psychologists and psychiatrists can't read minds... So save that one for the sci-fi movies.
  2. "What condition does (insert name here) have?"  Firstly, one of the most important things we are taught when studying psychology, is that, if we have any ideas about what condition(s) someone we know might have, we are not to diagnose them, because it can create stigmas and make them feel worse, and it might be wrong, and that isn't helpful for anyone. Secondly, even though I now have an undergraduate degree, I am nowhere close to being a psychologist, it takes many more years before you can even start practicing and treating people yourself.
  3. "You should treat me for free!" If you knew how much debt I'm going to be in when I finish university, you would not be asking me to treat you for free, that's for sure.
  4. "Students these days are never at university. You're always on holidays!" Yes, university does have a long break over the summer, but the rest of the time we work hard. And yes, I may only have two or three days at uni a week,  but that doesn't mean I don't do anything in the downtime. Most students I know work numerous jobs, and study a lot (weekly readings, lectures, assignments...), and try to balance other life things, so you telling us that we're lazy, just puts even more pressure on.
  5. "Do you have a real job yet?" You have no idea how much I want to have my qualification already and be working in my dream job, but university takes time. To get into the industry you want, you need a qualification and experience, and that takes a lot of time. So yes, I will still be working at this supermarket for a few years longer to keep myself ticking by.
Being a student isn't all it's cracked up to be! So keep that in mind!

What are the stereotypes that people have of your field?

Beth. x 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Picture: Stuart Milligan Gown: Leiela
As this post is going up on Christmas Day, I thought I'd write a quick message to say Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for popping by my little space of the internet, and seeing what I'm buying, loving, listening to, and thinking.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year (apart from the working in retail part... Those of you in retail at this time of year will understand!). But for the most part, I love spoiling my friends and family by choosing gifts that are (hopefully) perfect for them, I love opening the surprises they have for me, I love having a dedicated day to spend with my family, where none of us have to rush off to work, and I especially love belting out my favourite Christmas tunes while watching my favourite TV show of the year, 'Carols By Candlelight,' on Christmas Eve.

So wherever in the world you're reading this, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and an exciting and successful New Year!

Beth. x

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Super Sephora Spending.

As many of you may know Sephora has just landed in Melbourne! (And online too! And I happened to be in Melbourne the day after it opened, so of course I braved the crowds and had a look. There was literally hundreds of people in the store when I went, which made it not the most enjoyable experience ever, but it is a beautiful store, with so many amazing brands, so I will definitely be going back!

I've been jealous of people who can access Sephora easily for quite a few years now (as materialistic and shallow as that sounds). However, because I've seen so much of what everyone else has bought from Sephora over the years, I knew exactly what I wanted to get!

The main thing I wanted to get was the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01. Every blogger who has been to Sephora has bought this and raved about it, so being the red lip lover that I am, I had to pick it up.  And it lives up to the hype! It's long lasting, non-drying, very pigmented, and cheap too (only $17)! It also smells like vanilla.

The next thing I'd heard a lot about and wanted to get was the Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in a purpley plum colour caller Aubergine.  Bite Beauty makes all of it's products with food grade ingredients, which considering we supposedly eat a lot of lipstick in our lives, is probably a good idea!  These are really creamy, an although it wasn't as matte as I would normally like, it still lasts quite a while.

I also picked up the Sephora Pro Brush Flawless Air #56. I haven't used this one yet, but the bristles feel really soft. These brushes were a bit more expensive than I had expected (the one I got was $45), but I've heard they're really good quality.

In the aisle of doom on the way to the checkout (whilst queueing for over half an hour... It was that busy...), I had two impulse buys.
I got the very highly spoken about Elizabeth & James Nirvana White perfume, which is absolutely gorgeous. Elizabeth & James is the Olsen twins perfume brand, and there is a black and white version of Nirvana, with the black one being deeper and stronger smelling.  Nirvana White smells very rosy, and I think it would be perfect for day or night. I will definitely be going to get the full size, next time I'm in store!

And last but not least, I bought the Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer , which is a really good primer, and makes makeup last all day, but is expensive for what it is ($30 for only 15mL).

What have you recently picked up from Sephora? What do I need to try next?

Beth. x

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Natural Harry Goodness.

I stumbled upon Natural Harry about this time last year.  At my favourite place, Barwon Heads, stood their 1950s style caravan selling delicious vegan smoothies and raw desserts. I tried one, and then returned every day after to get my fix.

Fast forward just a year, and Harriet one of the masterminds behind Natural Harry, has written a recipe book! It not only includes recipes for many of the amazing smoothie and raw desserts that appear in the van, but also yummy breakfast and dinner ideas, and recipes for home and body products for good measure!

My attempt at the Skin Glow Smoothie.

I purchased a copy of the book, and as someone who isn't the most keen person in the kitchen, it has really inspired me to get involved and try things out of my comfort zone. I've made many a smoothie, and acai berry powder is now a staple on my shopping list. But I've also got many of the other recipes bookmarked to try on my family and friends!

You can get the book here: (, but be quick, because it's been super popular!

Beth. x

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Priceline Haul. #feelingspendy

Every time I go into Priceline I seem to come out with something... It's hard not to sometimes! But this time some serious damage was done. So here's the overview of my shopping spree.

Most of this haul were repurchases of products that I love. Firstly, I got another bottle of the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer. This primer isn't as siliconey as others I've tried and it feels quite light on the skin. It also really helps to make my base sit nicer on my skin and last much longer. 

Another repurchase was the Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick in 310 (Berry Much). These are kind of a cheaper version of the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, but they're a bit creamier, and don't have the same staying power as the Nars ones, but they're a quarter of the price!

Next was the L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner Magique in Transparent. This lip liner is perfect for all lipstick colours, which saves you having to buy a different shade for all of your favourite lipsticks. It has a kind of waxy texture, but it definitely helps stop my lipstick from bleeding, and makes it last longer.

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Reds in Latitia's Red. These were a limited collection, and I had so many compliments when I wore this dark wine shade, I decided I needed to get a back up before they weren't available anymore! 

This shopping trip was the first time I picked up the Garnier Micellar water, and I was glad that I did! For me, it rivals Bioderma, and is very affordable. And even better, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadows are incredibly popular products, so I picked up a couple more shades, from the Metals collection I got Inked in Pink, and from the original collection I picked up Bold Gold. I've tried other shades in this range before, and while they are brilliant eye shadows, I would say the lighter colours, (such as the pink) don't seem to last as long or be as pigmented as the darker shades such as the cult favourite Bad to the Bronze. 

So that'll leave me broke for a while!
What have you picked up from Priceline or the drugstore lately?

Beth. x

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Youtuber inspired stocking filler ideas.

It's no secret that many Youtubers and other social media stars are turning to merchandising as another way to reach out to their fans. And as one of those fans, I have bought into it, spending way too much money on things I don't really need. However, with many of these product lines having Christmas ranges, I thought I'd show a few of my favourites that are probably going to end up in someone's stocking this Christmas.

I love the Zoella Beauty range (you can see a post on some of the other products here), and when I heard there was a Christmas range, I had to pick up a few things. The whole aesthetic of all the products in Zoe's range are gorgeous.

Firstly I got the Mini Fizz Bars, which are $17.36, but you can get about 6-10 baths out of the trio. I have tried the original Fizz Bar, and it is a nice subtle addition of scent and moisturising properties to your bath. 

Next I chose the Bath Bombinis, which are $21.70. They have the same scent as the original range, with soft inoffensive floral notes, which will appeal to many. The packaging of these is beautiful, and the jar can be reused after all the bath fizzers have been used. 

The cute Christmas packaging of the Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo ($10.85) had me putting it in my basket without even a second thought. The lip balms have a subtle smell and a slight tint to them as well. The packaging and price is perfect to pop in someone's Christmas stocking, or to split up and give one to a friend and keep one yourself! 

I've been wanting to try the Blissful Mistful fragrance since Zoella launched her range, but customs doesn't allow perfume to be sent via mail to Australia... So the next best thing was the Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance ($10.85). Again, it has the soft floral fragrance of the rest of the line. Personally I don't think the scent is strong enough, as it doesn't linger very long on me, but it would be a perfect gift for a younger girl getting into makeup and perfume.

Another blogger who has recently released a makeup range that would be the perfect gift for Christmas is FleurDeForce. I purchased her Eyeshadow Quad in Cosmic Bronze ($17.34) and Lipgloss in Starry Starry Night ($15.17). 

The eyeshadows (as someone who is a relative newbie to eyeshadow) seem quite pigmented (especially the darker colours), and blend quite easily, with two mattes and two shimmer shadows in the quad. They also come with a brush, instead of the usual sponge applicator.

The lipgloss goes on very smoothly and is the least sticky lipgloss I have ever tried. It also has a gorgeous vanilla scent. 

Starry Starry Night on the lips.

 Have you tried any of these products? What would you like to see in your stocking this Christmas?

Beth. x

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Huge Lush Haul.

It's that time of the year again! The time when Lush bring out their huge range of Christmas products, and as you will be aware from this post, I can't resist it. The scents of the Christmas range are ones that I love all year round, so I always stock up!

So I popped into Lush recently to pick up some of the many things I'd seen talked about online, to find them completely sold out... Thank goodness for the online store!

Here's what I picked up this year.

"Cinders" is a bath bomb that I have to pick up every year from the Christmas range. It smells of cinnamon and has popping candy to make your bath fizz.

In a gift pack with Cinders I got "Intergalactic". This one smells fresh like peppermint, and has a gorgeous colour that will look amazing in the bath. I don't think you can buy this one individually in Australia, but you can buy it in 'The Night Before Christmas' gift pack. 

Next from the Christmas collection I bought the "Holly Go Lightly" bubble bar. It smells very similar to Cinders, with a hint of lime freshness. 

When I saw the "Five Gold Rings" bubble bar, there were two main reasons why I instantly put it in my basket. Firstly, there are essentially five mini bubble bars, which saves you having to break it up, so you get the most uses possible out of it. And secondly, the vanilla scent! Although some people may think vanilla is a bit of a boring scent, I absolutely love it, and can't wait to use it!

My last pick from the Christmas range was the "Peeping Santa Bubble Bar". This one would have to be the cutest of the bunch, and it smells sweet and fruity like strawberries. It also has cocoa butter and shea butter, so will hopefully be very moisturising! 

"Phoenix Rising" is the bath bomb I buy from the normal collection when Cinders isn't available. It has a similar cinnamon scent, with a bit of extra spice, and it makes your bath a beautiful purple sparkly colour. 

I'm not normally drawn to the bubble bars, but when my sister picked this one up for me to smell, I was sold. the "Brightside Bubble Bar" smells like a glorious citrus blend, and according to all reviews has bubbles that last for ages!

What have you picked up from Lush lately?

Beth. x

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Head to head: Micellar waters.

Micellar water is a game changer when it comes to removing your makeup efficiently and effectively. They have gained cult status over the past few years, with Bioderma being the name that comes to mind when you think of what sparked this skin care revolution.  I personally love the concept of micellar waters, especially as someone with very sensitive skin.

I have tried three different micellar waters from different ends of the price spectrum, and two I've already repurchased, while the other didn't make the cut.

The one that I tried first was Bioderma. I'd heard beauty bloggers and vloggers talk about it for ages, and so when in landed on the shelves of Priceline in Australia, I was all over it. It's not cheap, at about $30 for 250mL, but personally I think it's worth the money. My skin is irritated quite easily, but this doesn't affect it at all. It removes make-up (and even waterproof mascara) easily, without having to pull and tug at your skin. There is no scent, and it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

I had put off trying the Garnier Micellar water, because I didn't think anything could be as good as my beloved Bioderma. It is at the other end at the price spectrum at $13 for 400mL. It does a very similar job to Bioderma, although it does require a bit more product to do the same job, but at that price, that isn't an issue. Again, it didn't seem to irritate my sensitive skin, which was great. I rarely wear waterproof mascara, so I am unable to say if it effectively works on that. I personally find that there is a weak scent with this one, that did initially put me off, but I have gotten used to it now. So all in all, a brilliant lower end micellar water.

Lastly I tried the Sukin Micellar Water. I have tried other Sukin products in the past, and found that my skin doesn't seem to be irritated by them, so I thought I would give this a go. It's paraben and sulphate free, and organic. The floral scent of this is much more pronounced than the others, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, when I used this it made my skin tingle and go red and patchy. I also found that I needed to work harder to get my eye makeup off than I did with the other ones. It's $10 for 250mL.

What is your favourite micellar water? Is there other ones I should try?

Beth. x

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Shuffle to the shuffle: My music, mixed up. #2

You're Not to Blame (But It's All Your Fault) - Hayley Warner (video)

This song is off Hayley Warner's first solo full length EP in 2010 after coming runner-up in Australian Idol. It's a pop/rock song that will have you belting out the chorus in no time! The whole EP is worth a listen.

I've also heard rumours that a full length album could be on the way very soon! So keep your eyes peeled if you like Hayley's sound.

Call Your Name - Saskwatch

This is a track off the Melbourne 9-piece's record 'Nose Dive.' It's an eclectic mix of soul, R&B and rock that makes them stand out from many bands. I love their use of brass instruments to really broaden the sound, and Nkechi Anele's vocals are so powerful, it leaves you wondering how fair it is that someone got all the talent and you got none.

Chasing Pavements - Adele

The song that I thought was the hero of '19', chasing pavements ebbs and flows like a the beautiful river of sound it is. It also shows just how far Adele has come in three albums... I mean, how brilliant is 'Hello'?

Feel free to recommend your favourite songs at the moment!

Beth. x

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mecca Haulin'

I'm lucky I don't get down to Melbourne very often, because my bank balance doesn't really approve. Every time I seem to go into Mecca just for a browse, a basket just falls into my hand, and before you know it, I've walked out with a bag of goodies...

This trip I stocked up on some of my favourites and finally bought one of the most highly praised concealers ever.

The first thing I picked up was the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade vanilla. Now, if you've been reading beauty blogs or watching beauty vloggers in the last 3 years or more, you will have heard about this, many call it a holy grail product. I quite like it. The colour is a good match for me, and the staying power is brilliant, it's great for use under the eyes and all over the face, and doesn't get too cakey. I only have two problems with this... 1. It does crease slightly under the eyes, (although I do tend to have big wrinkles under there anyway, so that was bound to happen), and 2. It's quite hard to justify $40 for a concealer, it is great, and it will last me a very long time, but there probably are cheaper alternatives.

The second thing I picked up was the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will know all about this product! I've been through two of these already, and I'll happily call it my favourite lip product of all time. It's a gorgeous blue-toned red matte lipstick, that applies so easily and lasts all day, simple as that. Again, because it's Nars there is a $34 price tag, but that's a pretty decent price to pay for true love.

Last but not least I re-stocked my favourite Soap & Glory Hand Food. This smells really sweet and fruity, and it sinks into the skin really well. Priced at only $10, it's the perfect hand cream for the changing weather.

Is there anything you guys would suggest for my next Mecca splurge?

Beth. x

Monday, 26 October 2015

Outfit catch-up.

Who doesn't love a good ootd? I know I do!
I love when I put a certain combination of clothes on that makes me want to have a photo shoot and show the world. In reality, I don't have a photographer that can follow me around, snapping all my favourite outfits, but a good old selfie does the job to document them!
I hope you find some inspiration from some of the "selfie worthy" outfits of the past few months!

(I'll put links to as many of the things as I can, as they will have much better pictures of the item than I will!)

My 21st outfit.

Singlet Blouse: Lily Loves @ Target

Top: Lily Loves @ Target

Dress: Lily Loves @ Target

Top: Kmart
Skirt: Sportsgirl (similar)

Top: Glassons cropped t-shirt

Jacket: Sportsgirl 'Editor' Jacket
Blouse: Sportsgirl bow-neck blouse

Let me know if you have any suggestions for pieces to add to my wardrobe! :)

Beth. x

Sunday, 25 October 2015

When something just has to give.

I had been posting fairly consistently on this blog for almost a year back in March. I was really proud that I'd managed to get myself motivated among all the other things on my plate. But then I went back to uni and it all just fell apart... The stress of my third and final year of my degree, studying for the medical entrance exam, and work and life commitments just overwhelmed me, and something had to give. Sadly it was this blog for a little while.

But I'm back!

I've got a load of ideas for future posts that I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Beth. x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The nail polish removing trick that you need to know.

I don't wear nail polish very often... Partly due to the fact that I just can't seem to apply it neatly, partly due to the fact it chips far too easily and annoys me, but mainly because I hat trying to take it off.

Once you've applied a few layers, removing nail polish with a cotton pad and nail polish remover is a massive chore, and takes far longer than it needs to, (well it does for me at least!)

Enter the Maybelline Express Remover, my little pot of joy.
You put your finger in the jar that contains nail polish remover-soaked sponges, twist it around, and voila! Nail polish removed in seconds! And while it doesn't seem like much, not having to struggle with scrubbing off nail polish, makes me incredibly happy!

What beauty hacks or lazy girls beauty advice do you have?

Beth. x

Thursday, 5 March 2015

What's in my bag? - Miss Shop 'Tokya'

I just updated my handbag. It was one that I loved, but it had gotten to the point where it was too tatty to pass as a bag anymore. So I popped into Myer and the first bag I saw I fell in love with.
the Miss Shop 'Tokya' Sling in Black is a simple yet stylish bag. With one main zipped pocket, with a flap over the top, and a small zipped pocket at the back, it manages to fit all the rubbish that I carry around on a daily basis and more.
It's made from a textured faux leather, (I assume it's fake because of the $29.95 price tag), and has gold detailing.

So what do I cram in the bag?

Most importantly I always have my keys, wallet (mine is this one from Billabong), sunglasses, and phone.

Next I have a little pouch that contains a compact mirror, some concealer (I have an Arbonne one and a Collection Lasting Perfection one), my Travalo with the perfume I'm wearing, a roller ball version of Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs,  a couple of lip balms (I have the Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm and the Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment), and two lip options (Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, and Rimmel Apocalips in Luna).

And finally I have the important bits such as, a bottle of water, pain killers, headphones, a pen or two, breath mints, breath spray, bandaids, and another lip option! (J.Lo's nude from the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive).

What do you carry around in your bag?

Beth. x

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Is there such a thing as being too busy?

I am the type of person who can't say no. You want me to work extra shifts? Done. You want me to catch up for tea and a movie? Sure thing. You want me to do extra work for uni? Love to.

It gets overwhelming at times. I get stressed. I cry. I swear I'll try an cull back the things that I do, but it never happens. Why? Because I can't not be busy, and I like to prove people wrong.

Currently I work three jobs, as well as attending uni full time (which also requires an hour and a half commute), as well as trying to maintain a relationship, catch up with friends, keep my family happy, get some exercise, and study enough so I can pass the medical entrance exam so I can get into medical school. This seems like a lot, and it is, but if I only had half of these things to do, I would most likely be twiddling my thumbs at home... That, or finding another big commitment to take on.

Business helps me keep productive in life, because when you're on short deadlines you don't have time to slack off! It also helps me appreciate the downtime I get so much more. When I have a day off work/uni, I celebrate, sleep in until lunchtime, and wear my pyjamas all day. It's small things like this, that make the work all the more worthwhile.  The results of the work are also rewards in themselves. That HD I got? I'm over the moon. The extra $50 in my bank account? Means I can have a treat. 

And even though the process of gaining these rewards is stressful, and there are a lot of blood sweat and tears shed (lots of tears... Ask my family!), I wouldn't have it any other way, because these hurdles that I'm overcoming now, will help me down the track.

As with everyone, it's not just getting to your goal that matters, it's the way there that counts. We can't all earn millions, have our dream jobs, and know everything right at the start... (Even though at times I wish it was that simple!)

Are you the type of person who likes to keep busy? Or tends to take too many things on?

Beth. x 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

You don't know what you have until it's gone. #Beautyproblems

So, I ran out of my favourite moisturiser the other day. My holy grail, 'save my skin' product, the La Clinica Clear Skin Oil Control Day Cream.

This may not sound like a big deal, but when you have to get your skincare products sent to you from stores on the other side of the country, because your skin reacts to most products... It's a big deal.

In between the disaster that was running out of moisturiser (who thought opaque packaging with an airless pump was a good idea?!), and the arrival of the package that contained my new one, the moisturiser I used caused my skin to break out and look incredibly greasy.

It was then I realised how much I love my La Clinica moisturiser, and how much I need it in my life, with it's lovely lemon scent, and it's skin clearing abilities. You really don't realise what you have until it's gone.

What product could you not live without? Do you have any other #Beautyproblems ?

Beth. x

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My nude = J.Lo's nude.

I don't normally wear nude lipstick. If I'm wearing lipstick, I go by the mantra: go bold or go home. However, L'Oreal have recently released the Collection Privee 'The Perfect Nudes,' with a nude coloured lipstick that corresponds to a particular celebrity. And while this whole idea seems quite gimmicky, I was intrigued to see which celebrity's nude I would match up to.

When these finally arrived on the Priceline shelves, I spent ages swatching them and comparing them to my skin tone in the mirror. I eventually decided on J.Lo's nude. This shade is the exact shade of my lips, so it's perfect to even out the colour on my lips, and add a bit of shine and sheen to the lips.

In the bullet this shade looks quite brown, but on the lips it is the perfect 'your lips but better' pink. It helps even out the colour, and give a bit of glow.

The packaging of these is quite luxurious, with matte black outer packaging and gold detailing.

The only problem I have is with the smell. These lipsticks are quite heavily fragranced, so if you don't like that, these might not be up your street.

And the more exciting news, is that there is a collection of reds coming out in the same line! I will definitely be picking up some of those!

Who is your nude?

Beth. x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Maybelline vs Nars: The matte lip pencil battle.

My name is Beth, and I have a strong love and addiction to the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. They last and last, they're easy to apply, and the shade range is amazing (Cruella and Damned, anyone?). However, at $44 a pop, on a student budget... It's not the most budget friendly purchase. (NB: Mecca Cosmetica haas recently lowered the price of the Nars pencils to $34... Still not that student friendly in the scheme of things!)

(Bottom to top: 510, 140, 310)

Enter the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils. They've finally hit the shelves (of Priceline) in Australia, after months and months of European bloggers and vloggers raving about them! With a colour range that includes many shades that are exact dupes of the Nars ones I was already impressed. Formula wise, these ones go on slightly easier, because they are slightly (only slightly) more glossy. They also feel a bit more hydrating as well. They last really well, lasting through eating and drinking. The only problem with the slightly glossier formula, is that it is a tiny bit more prone to smudging. But for the bargain price of $9.95, the Nars pencils are already a distant memory for me!

I picked up the shades:  510 - Red Essential, 310 - Berry Much and 140 - Minimalist, with 510 and 310 being dupes for Nars Cruella and Nars Damned respectively. 140 on the other hand is more of a pink/peach nude colour.

The packaging of the Maybelline pencils is glossy, compared to the matte black of the Nars, which means the lids aren't quite as secure... But they're less than $10, so I'm not going to dwell on that!

Are you glad these have finally hit the shelves in Australia? Which shades do you like?

Beth. x

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Yo-ga girl!

(Image from 
It seems that everyone and their cat has been doing yoga lately. It seems to go along with the trend of drinking green juice and eating kale. If you're doing that, good for you! But I'm more of a chocolate for breakfast type of woman.

Anyway, yoga. It was recommended to me by my massage therapist and chiropractor. They basically told me, if I wanted less tight/tense/sore neck/shoulders/legs/body that I should give yoga a go, because not only is it stretching and strengthening everything (and I mean everything!), it also incorporates a meditation/relaxation component, which helps to de-stress.

I started by browsing on youtube for some beginner videos, to see if my uncoordinated self could actually do yoga, and I stumbled across the channel 'Yoga with Adriene.' Adriene has a yoga routine for every level of expertise, and every focus area, so if you don't have the time or the money to hit the mat at a proper yoga class, yoga in your bedroom can be just as good.

However, for me, going to an actual class has helped me a lot, because there's someone there to help you hit the poses correctly and safely, someone there to encourage and challenge you to push yourself that little bit further when things are getting slightly uncomfortable, and you have a whole hour to dedicate to your yoga practice, instead of a sequence or two at home.  I end up walking out of the class feeling very stretchy and very relaxed, which I have to admit, is a pretty good feeling. At the moment, yoga is the main type of exercise that I do, and I've never felt better.

When I get stressed, it tends to show up in my muscles. And since starting to properly attend yoga classes, I (and my health professionals) have noticed a big change in how my muscles are responding, which is brilliant for me!

And not only is yoga good for you in a relaxation/stretch way, it also helps to strengthen and tone your muscles! Another of the many reasons to jump on the bandwagon.

Are you on the yoga bandwagon?

Beth. x

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The lazy girl's bioderma.. Worth the fuss?

When I saw my favourite make-up remover/cleanser in Priceline, with a convenient pump on the top, I jumped on it! I love Bioderma, but I tend to waste a lot when I'm trying to pour it out onto my cotton pads. I thought this innovation may save me from wasting my precious Bioderma, which doesn't come cheap.

The design is something a lot of brands are using at the moment, with a press down dispenser that you place your cotton pad on to absorb the product.

However, even though it looks efficient, it takes a good six or seven pumps to get the desired amount on your cotton pad, and if you press down on the dispenser too enthusiastically you end up with Bioderma going in every direction (and being wasted). And at $20 more than the normal bottle of this size, you may want to think twice before you buy this.  Although, a plus is the fact that this bottle is refillable (unlike the other Bioderma bottles), so you only have to buy the dispenser bottle once.

The verdict's still out, what do you guys think?

Beth. x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The repurchase list.

I've noticed lately, that many of the products I reach for on a daily basis are ones I couldn't live without, they're products that I have a back-up of a back-up because I love them that much.
So here is my 'Repurchase List,' the products that are always on my shopping list to buy again, because they're that good.

First up is Bioderma. As a person who has incredibly sensitive skin, this stuff is perfect for removing all makeup (and cleansing if you're lazy), without any irritation, and without any oily residue. It is slightly on the pricier side, but it is worth every penny.

Next on the list are a few fragrances.  I'm pretty picky about which perfumes I like, so when I find one that I do like, it's instantly on my shopping list again. My favourite perfume of the moment is 'Fancy' by Jessica Simpson. It has warm tones of vanilla and caramel, but also fruity tones of pear and apricot. I'm also guilty of buying 'Princess' by Vera Wang more than once too. This one is slightly more floral and musky. And finally on the fragrance front, is a body spray. Impulse 'Tease' is my favourite body spray of all time, and I freaked out when I thought it was discontinued. This one smells fruity like pineapple, with a woody side to it as well.

I love a good lip product, and I have far too many for one person, but these three are the best of the best in my opinion.
The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella is my staple dark red, it's so easy to apply and it lasts and lasts. The Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 is my favourite darker burgundy, and this line of lipsticks are an awesome budget buy... I may or may not have five shades in the range...
I also have a favourite lip balm. This is the Carmex Moisture Plus, it's not exactly the most exciting lip product, but it does what is says on the tin.

This year I also discovered some face products I wouldn't be without. The first two come from Arbonne, which is a vegan brand. I use the Perfecting Liquid Foundation and the Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream. And while these products are slightly pricey, they last really well on the skin, and last a long time in general, because you don't have to use too much product. 
A slightly more budget friendly option that I use every time I put makeup on, is the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent  Powder. This powder makes whatever you put on your skin last all day, and helps to keep the oiliness at bay.

And last but not least are my favourite tools of the trade. I love most of the Real Techniques brushes if I'm honest (as you can see in this post), but the powder brush and the setting brush are the ones I wouldn't be able to cope without. They wash really well too, which is an added bonus. The setting brush especially is useful for setting foundation/concealer (surprise surprise!), blending in concealer under the eyes, and blending out eyeshadow too.

What are the products on your repurchase list?
I'd love to know!

Beth. x