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Thursday, 22 January 2015

The lazy girl's bioderma.. Worth the fuss?

When I saw my favourite make-up remover/cleanser in Priceline, with a convenient pump on the top, I jumped on it! I love Bioderma, but I tend to waste a lot when I'm trying to pour it out onto my cotton pads. I thought this innovation may save me from wasting my precious Bioderma, which doesn't come cheap.

The design is something a lot of brands are using at the moment, with a press down dispenser that you place your cotton pad on to absorb the product.

However, even though it looks efficient, it takes a good six or seven pumps to get the desired amount on your cotton pad, and if you press down on the dispenser too enthusiastically you end up with Bioderma going in every direction (and being wasted). And at $20 more than the normal bottle of this size, you may want to think twice before you buy this.  Although, a plus is the fact that this bottle is refillable (unlike the other Bioderma bottles), so you only have to buy the dispenser bottle once.

The verdict's still out, what do you guys think?

Beth. x

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