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Monday, 25 February 2013

Things I Just Don't Understand.

Now, I like to think I'm a fairly intelligent individual - I know how to spell definitely, I can differentiate a quadratic equation if the need arises, and I can change a tyre if I have to - but sometimes life just throws things at you and you're left thinking "What just happened?" and shaking your head in disbelief.  So here is a small list of things that utterly confuse/irk me, by no means is this list exhaustive... But it's a start.

Beth's list of things that leave her utterly confused/mildly frustrated #1:

  1. When people post pictures with a caption such as "I'm ugly" or "#nomakeup."  Firstly, if you aren't happy with how you look in the picture, you don't have to click the upload button.  Simple as that.  With the whole "no make-up" thing... People have eyes, I'm pretty sure they would be able to tell if you're wearing make-up or not.  It just seems people who upload photos like this are fishing for compliments or reassurance - whether they know it or not - and it just confuses me that people are asking people they don't know that well (facebook friends, instagram followers etc.) for reassurance.  
  2. When people won't commit to something because they're waiting for the "better offer."  I mean, if you get invited somewhere and you say yes, bailing at the last minute because you got a better offer IS NOT ok.  At least give the first person the decency of giving them at least some notice that you can't come... Hours before the event, is a definite no no.  This actually happened to a friend of mine quite recently.  They had planned a whole birthday night out with a group of friends, and at least a third of the group said they couldn't make it ON THE DAY... No explanation  no "I'm so sorry," no "I'll get so-and-so to bring your card," nothing.  I just don't understand...
  3. When someone overtakes you when you're doing the speed limit. I mean I could understand if I was going slowly... Fair enough, but when I'm doing the speed limit... Well you're just impatient.  What confuses me even more is if I'm stuck behind someone who's going slowly and I'm being patient, waiting for the right moment to overtake, and someone who is behind me overtakes me and squishes themselves into the "safe gap" that I was leaving. Just, why?  You're not going to get there any quicker.  I just can't understand that.
  4. And last but not least, when people just talk AT you.  You can be avoiding all eye contact, not responding at all, not looking even remotely interested and they still continue to force their stories/views onto you.  It happens to me all the time... I must look like I care about often racist/sexist/unpopular views?
So there's a few of the things that just leave me shaking my head in confusion... I'm probably just being petty, but these things just get to me.