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Sunday, 22 September 2013

I Miss Michael Paynter.

There I said it. I miss Michael Paynter.

For those of you who don't know, Michael Paynter is an Australian singer, musician/multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, all-round awesome human... And that still doesn't sum up the talent that this guy has!

Me with the lovely Michael Paynter at
The Deluxe Sessions in 2008.
Michael has been an enduring musical favourite of mine since my cousin took me to see a Shannon Noll show in 2008, and Michael was the support act. I was absolutely taken by this guy who could sing and play, and man could he sing! Since then, the only other chance I got to see MP perform was at The Deluxe Sessions - a special, intimate, rehearsal-space gig - because I wasn't old enough to attend any of his other shows. But now I'm 18, and Michael has been missing.

His stint on The Voice saw him reach audiences who had never experienced the MP magic, and I was so glad that he was reaching wider audiences. He was let go from the show far too early, (don't even get me started on that), but while all the other contestants are releasing music, MP (humble as he is) is helping up-and-coming artists to fulfil their dream of musical success on the big stage.

I have days when I play his back catalog and reminisce and remember why I love his music so much. My friends will tell you just how much! His music is just...uplifting. It tells a story. It has heart. Yes, it is unashamedly commercial pop, but it's REAL. It doesn't tell stories about getting drunk and getting with someone, it tells of overcoming hardship, of dealing with heartache and of taking chances. And yes, the music and MP himself have evolved, but everyone does over time.
I miss spending hours replaying a song like novocaine on YouTube, just so I could learn to play it and sing it myself, (and show my parents, my friends, and my school just how amazing this music is). I miss his hilarious vlogs and amazing one-take covers that were truly phenomenal.

(One of Michael's phenomenal covers).
It's not often that you find an artist that really resonates with you. I listen to so much music - I adore the stuff! - but I keep coming back to Michael Paynter. With lyrics like "There's a moment when we all, have to choose to fly or fall, here's yours," and "Before you go let me know if you're happy pretending, before you leave make believe that you know who you are," it's hard not to!

('Praying For Rain' - an original song).
It frustrates me that we have talented people like this in our own country, but can't give them the support they need and deserve. I want great things for all these striving, talented people!

So, Michael if you're reading this, your fans (and there are a lot of us!) "won't run away... We're all a little broken, hoping, to get closer."

Beth. x

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