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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Youtuber inspired stocking filler ideas.

It's no secret that many Youtubers and other social media stars are turning to merchandising as another way to reach out to their fans. And as one of those fans, I have bought into it, spending way too much money on things I don't really need. However, with many of these product lines having Christmas ranges, I thought I'd show a few of my favourites that are probably going to end up in someone's stocking this Christmas.

I love the Zoella Beauty range (you can see a post on some of the other products here), and when I heard there was a Christmas range, I had to pick up a few things. The whole aesthetic of all the products in Zoe's range are gorgeous.

Firstly I got the Mini Fizz Bars, which are $17.36, but you can get about 6-10 baths out of the trio. I have tried the original Fizz Bar, and it is a nice subtle addition of scent and moisturising properties to your bath. 

Next I chose the Bath Bombinis, which are $21.70. They have the same scent as the original range, with soft inoffensive floral notes, which will appeal to many. The packaging of these is beautiful, and the jar can be reused after all the bath fizzers have been used. 

The cute Christmas packaging of the Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo ($10.85) had me putting it in my basket without even a second thought. The lip balms have a subtle smell and a slight tint to them as well. The packaging and price is perfect to pop in someone's Christmas stocking, or to split up and give one to a friend and keep one yourself! 

I've been wanting to try the Blissful Mistful fragrance since Zoella launched her range, but customs doesn't allow perfume to be sent via mail to Australia... So the next best thing was the Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance ($10.85). Again, it has the soft floral fragrance of the rest of the line. Personally I don't think the scent is strong enough, as it doesn't linger very long on me, but it would be a perfect gift for a younger girl getting into makeup and perfume.

Another blogger who has recently released a makeup range that would be the perfect gift for Christmas is FleurDeForce. I purchased her Eyeshadow Quad in Cosmic Bronze ($17.34) and Lipgloss in Starry Starry Night ($15.17). 

The eyeshadows (as someone who is a relative newbie to eyeshadow) seem quite pigmented (especially the darker colours), and blend quite easily, with two mattes and two shimmer shadows in the quad. They also come with a brush, instead of the usual sponge applicator.

The lipgloss goes on very smoothly and is the least sticky lipgloss I have ever tried. It also has a gorgeous vanilla scent. 

Starry Starry Night on the lips.

 Have you tried any of these products? What would you like to see in your stocking this Christmas?

Beth. x

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