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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The nail polish removing trick that you need to know.

I don't wear nail polish very often... Partly due to the fact that I just can't seem to apply it neatly, partly due to the fact it chips far too easily and annoys me, but mainly because I hat trying to take it off.

Once you've applied a few layers, removing nail polish with a cotton pad and nail polish remover is a massive chore, and takes far longer than it needs to, (well it does for me at least!)

Enter the Maybelline Express Remover, my little pot of joy.
You put your finger in the jar that contains nail polish remover-soaked sponges, twist it around, and voila! Nail polish removed in seconds! And while it doesn't seem like much, not having to struggle with scrubbing off nail polish, makes me incredibly happy!

What beauty hacks or lazy girls beauty advice do you have?

Beth. x

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