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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Getting deep up in here #1.

Love is a funny thing. The second you accept that it’s not coming your way, is the second someone finally comes out of the woodwork. 

I’ve never been one to do things simply or halfhearted, I fall unquestioningly, deeply… Probably to my own detriment.

When you’re in a situation where you need to get to know a person so quickly, before you have to leave – to go to the other side of the world mind you! – All your senses and feelings are heightened. You are so blinded by lust, by love, by excitement, that you don’t look for those little qualities that might irk you. You don’t even question that this person may not be compatible with you, that your relationship might be flawed.  You’re so in the moment, and you’re certain that this person is the one, the person who you are meant to find.

You spend every waking moment together, doing things that you only imagined would happen in a romantic movie. He is the perfect gentleman, and already you’re both planning your life around this relationship.

However, the thing with whirlwind romances is that you reach the high so quickly, and are planning ahead so early, that it takes a lifetime to fully digest what actually happened after it came crashing down. Things are so wonderful and cute and fun… Until they’re just… not. 

Suddenly, you finally see all the things that you couldn’t before.  Suddenly that love that you were blinded by is gone.  You can see it in his eyes too.  He knows that this isn’t working, but what can you say?

And then it all just stops.  You’re not particularly sad, but just kind of empty, confused, and wondering what the hell just happened.  But as much as you question your decisions and the things that happened during that short period of time, you’re kind of happy… Look at all the things you learned!  Look at how much you grew!  Look at how differently you now look at your life! Because even though the relationship may be over, you will live with the lessons.

This week was a bit more personal, a good cleanse of the soul. Let me know what you think!

Beth. x


  1. Great post! :)
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  2. I have the mindset that everything that comes my way has something to teach me, to mold me, to add another piece of me to make me whole. It may leave me heartbroken or scared to try again, but it taught me a lot about life, and that's what's important. A whirlwind romance is always scary but if it made you happy even for just awhile, it should be worth it. It will be a good memory as you move halfway across the world. ;)


    PS: I had a degree on Psychology as well! High five!