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Monday, 10 November 2014

Lush festive loving.

Normally I'm not that big a Lush fan... I have super, super sensitive skin, so a lot of the products don't agree with me.  However, at Christmas time I can't resist popping into a Lush store to pick up a few (or many) of the festive bath bombs! Bath bombs don't seem to upset my skin (yay!), and the Christmassy scents make me incredibly happy.

This year I picked up four different types of bath bombs to try out.

First of all I got "Cinders." This one is my all time favourite Lush bath bomb, and I bought three of these, so it will hopefully last me a while! This bath bomb smells like cinnamon, and has popping candy in it, to make your bath fizz.

Next I picked up the "Luxury Lush Pud" bath bomb. This one looks amazing both on your shelf and in your bath. It smells like lavender and ylang ylang, and is supposed to be super calming.

Another one from the festive range, "Dashing Santa" made it into my basket.  This one is the cutest of the bunch, and smells like citrus.

And finally I picked up the "Honey Bee" bath bomb. This one has a yellow and grey stripe, (hence the name), and smells like honey or caramel. It also contains Moroccan rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and soften your skin, so you get a spa-like treatment for a fraction of the cost! 

Have you tried any of Lush's festive range? What is your favourite?

Beth. x


  1. I love the Snow Cake bar soap! It makes the bathroom smell so lovely! I need pick up some bath bombs from the Halloween/Christmas collection before everything is gone! You did a nice selection here!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  2. I'm so excited to pick up some of the Christmas collection, it wouldn't be Christmas without Lush :) I get the Lush Pud every year, it's so cute and has such a relaxing fragrance!

    - Grace's Beauty Space xx

  3. My favourite is The Comforter, just because it smells like berries. ;)

  4. Love the post! Lush is such an addiction; my wallet cries every time I go there ahah!
    Lush is the best around Christmas too. (: