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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Shuffle to the shuffle: My music, mixed up.

I love music. There's no ifs or buts about it. I'm a fan of lots of unsigned or not well known Australian bands, and I love discovering new music (or old music). I also love checking out what other people are listening to. So I thought I'd put my ipod on shuffle, and show you guys the first twelve songs that come up.  This could end badly... But we'll see how we go.

(You can click on the link after each song to listen to the song - if they're online, and I'll put each band's social media link as well... All for ease of music stalking!)

1.     The Fallout - Woodlock
These boys from Melbourne have really hit their straps with their recent EP release. Their style is       folky with a bit of a rock/alternative edge to it, and very easy to listen to. (I reviewed the EP here).

2.     Right Through You - Alanis Morissette (video)
A hit from Morissette's Jagged Little Pill album of the late 90's, this song is angsty rock, that is so easy to belt out when you're feeling angry.

3.     Inside Our World - Bleached Academy
This band sadly is no more, but they had some brilliant pop/punk tracks, with the very talented Hayley Warner as the energetic vocallist.

4.     Trailed - Gossling (audio)
Helen Croome a.k.a Gossling's unique voice is hauntingly beautiful... Enough said.

5.     We Won't Run - Sarah Blasko (video)
Another Australian songstress with a beautiful voice, Sarah Blasko is a pop musician with a quirky twist.  

6.     Different Worlds - Jes Hudak & George Krikes (video)
This song was used to advertise a talent show in Australia, which catapulted it to the top of the charts.  It's such a beautiful song, with a continuous simple piano melody throughout.

7.     City & Colour - Thirst (video)
This song by music legend Dallas Green (a.k.a City and Colour), is a catchy pop/alternative track, that will have you tapping your foot in no time.

8.     The Sun Won't Sleep - New Empire (video)     
Probably the hardest working boys in Australian music, New Empire's new album In A Breath features this upbeat, catchy pop track, with lovely lyrical content.

9.     Carry On - Motor Ace (video)
A song from my favourite band of all time.  This classic Australian alternative/rock song was popular in the early 2000's... It also happens to appear on an album which is very hard to come by nowadays, (I explain why here).

10.     Empty Town - Red Ink (video)
This four-piece from Melbourne spent a long time crafting the ideal debut album, and it was worth the wait.  This track is the perfect mix of dreamy, synthy pop, and edgier rock.

11.    Siamese - Motor Ace (video)
Another Motor Ace song on the list... Surprise, surprise!  This is my current favourite song.  Again, it's an alternative/rock track.  The lyrics in this are brilliant too.

12.      Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap (video)
Another Australian band who have taken Europe by storm, The Temper Trap are known for their pop/rock sound, with soaring vocals and killer chorus'.

So there you go, a taste of what I'm listening to, (I'm surprised there's no Michael Paynter on there though!)  Almost 80% Australian music, (my true love).

What do you think?  Leave any music recommendations below, they'd be much appreciated!

Beth. x


  1. I love this idea! I could end up with some doozeys though haha!! I love the Red Ink, New Empire and Woodlock mentions! :D

    -Lauren :) x

  2. I don't know most of these songs, but I'm liking the ones that I do know! What a great post idea, I may do one like this as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks ladies! I'd definitely love to see your posts, and have a bit of a snoop into your music taste! No matter how cool or daggy it may be! :)

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